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Why EntheoGEM?

With so much pulling on our attention these days, we can easily forget to turn our awareness inside. We can become distracted, depressed, anxious, and exhausted...

Sitting in silence for extended periods of time is like rehab for a mind addicted to thinking and distraction. Sitting meditation is a fundamental practice for awakening our greatest potential as human beings.  

It's time to remember who we really are.  It's time to come home inside and find stillness. Buried deep within this stillness rests a precious, priceless gem...patiently for us to discover it, to polish it, and to let it shine. 

This gem is our wellspring of vitality, inspiration, and is our direct connection to Source.

We offer you EntheoGEM, a sweet sanctuary to dive deep to discover your inner gem, 

to polish it, and to melt it into liquid love, the most nourishing nectar we've ever found. 

We are the ones we have been waiting for.


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