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  • This course is for experienced explorers of the inner landscape, with the pre-requisite that you have either previously sat in a silent meditation course and/or have experienced an entheogenic death practice (often called ego death, but more accurately, an ego recalibration) experience.

  • This course is for those who are ready to face the fear of death and experience the State of Unity Consciousness

  • This course if for those who are ready to live from their soul's calling and their full YES.  

  • This course if for those who are ready to dive deep into the Great Work of self-awareness, surrender, and transformation

  • PLEASE BE AWARE: Engaging in this Work MAY result in a full kundalini awakening and can render you unable to ignore your Highest Calling. Resistance to this process can cause distress. The increased energy flow moving through your body can feel orgasmic and/or profoundly uncomfortable, depending on your capacity and willingness to surrender. To engage in this experience in a good way-- proper preparation, full participation, and commitment to integration is required. 

  • PLEASE BE AWARE: Trauma may arise during this work. Although we are trauma informed facilitators, and we will be present for whatever arises, this is a silent meditation course for those who are aware of their trauma and classic trauma responses, and for those who have integrated their trauma enough to be able to be with what is.   

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