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What is EntheoGEM?

Entheogen comes from the Latin root entheo, which means 'God within

and geno, meaning 'to generate.'

Entheogenic literally means to generate the God or Divinity within

Entheogenic practices could include sitting meditation, extended time in darkness, yoga, breathwork, dance, ego death rituals, and plant or animal derived medicines.

These tools can help us generate our embodied awakening of the divine within. 

Entheogenic experiences often happen during near death experiences, or NDE. 

Entheogem refers to an entheogenic meditation practice that helps us to connect with the Divine within to reveal and polish our most precious treasure,

the inner GEM. 

EntheoGEM is an eight day all inclusive silent meditation retreat 

and will include

5 hours of daily somatic sitting meditation, daily yoga and breathwork,

along with an Ecstatic Dance, sound bath, guided self-inquiry,

satsang discussions, and an ego recalibration ritual. In noble silence 


Listen to the replay of Die Before You Die and Live Free

Listen to the replay of Expanding Entheogens

Expanding Entheogens REPLAY
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