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ALLISON AVALON, MHS, Min, Lead Facilitator

I am. I devote my life to sacred service as a meditation and tantra teacher, musician, author, storyteller, medicine woman, Hospice caregiver and death guide. I offer you my full presence, in devotion to love, truth, and awakening. I am a paradox.  I wield a diamond sharp sword of truth and also hold a sublime sanctuary of tender compassion.  I am both a trained scientist, ordained minister, yogi, and an initiated mystic and medicine woman. I am both serious and silly, profound and profane.


I hold a Bachelors Degree in Ecology/Ethnobotany and a Masters Degree in Permaulture Design/Horticulture. I spent decades exploring our relationship with the natural world, the outer landscape, in hopes to inspire greater harmony and peace. I lived off grid, growing my own food and medicine, teaching natural building, teaching permaculture in a major University, and driving on reused vegetable oil, while trying to find balance and connection in our modern world. I am a bridge builder between worlds. 


I learned that true sustainability and peace begins within, and the real "Zone Zero" is inside. Now, after 10,000 hours of silent meditation and plant medicine ceremony, completing a two year ordination from Awakening Divinity Ministries, and becoming a certified Hospice Caregiver, I assist beings in navigating their inner and outer landscapes with balance in order to fully surrender into love and shine their brilliant light. I tend the veil between worlds and have supported countless beings through ego death rituals and the physical death portal that each of us will inevitably encounter. Are you ready for a deep dive into death and to discover your ecstatic, orgasmic awareness? I founded EntheoGEM, entheogemic meditation,to help me find the way home to my solid foundation within. This leading edge combination of techniques and practices has been my most potent medicine. It is my humble privilege and high honor to offer this transformational retreat to you.  


Die before you die and live free. Come and join me.,

ECHO, Co-facilitator, Yoga Teacher, Ecstatic Dance DJ 

I have spent my life learning to unthread the pain and suffering of life’s heartbreaks. The inner witch within has revealed herself to me and shown me her magic through music, movement, breath and release. I am learning each day how to transmute the challenge I carry for all that came before me, for myself, and for those I share the present and the foreseeable future with. Through creativity, artistic expression, shadow work and play I am finding my way back home to my essential self while simultaneously guiding others back to themselves as well. May we all find our centers as we learn to dance with our demons.

I come from a background of Hatha, Tantra and Yin yoga. I have received training in Somatic therapy, Narm Therapy, Parts work, and Non Violent communication. Along with movement, yoga, breathwork and meditation guidance I facilitate Ecstatic Dance and Shadow Dance work.

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