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A Solid Foundation

Written by Allison Avalon

What does it mean to have a solid foundation?

In building, and in life, and in death.

How are they all the same?

"We are all looking for solid ground," some say.

Our minds and bodies long for safety, a sense of security and sanctuary. Since the dawn of humanity, we have sought a sense of safety amongst endless dangers...running from the elements, wild tigers, plague, famine, war, violence, poverty, natural disasters, accidents, wind, rain, cold, ice, and snow. From pain, suffering, death. Many of us are suffering from generations of trauma and fear. We feel worn out and exhausted. If only we felt safe, we could do so much with our life...but we are tired and feel alone.

I get it. I've been there. I forget, and I return to this desolate place.

But then I remember once more, my feeling of sanctuary, and I am home.

Now, I practice stabilizing this feeling. It's a wild ride at first.

Feels like wrestling alligators.

But once you get the hang of it...

It's exquisite.

Most of us still haven't found it, no matter how rich and protected from the elements we can become.

Restless. Longing. Hungry. Afraid. Starving of thirst.

However, there is an infinite wellspring of sanctuary.

I have found it. And lost it. And found it again. And lost it again.

So, now I teach others, so I can't forget. And when I do, I'll remember again soon.

It's really that simple.

Safety and sanctuary are available right here and now.

We are just looking in all the wrong places.

It's in the last place we look.

For once it is found

Once we feel it

This infinite spring of love and light

We can never again become lost or disconnect

From the wellspring of Love.

Once we are found, we can stop seeking.

And finally rest and enjoy this ride.

Where is it, you may ask?

Well, we have been looking for safety outside of ourselves.

In the World, in the future in Heaven, in

This is a fruitless quest.

You won't find it there or anywhere else.

True safety is only found within.

Our inner landscape, invisible at first to our mind,

is the only true solid foundation.


That doesn't make any sense, you may say?

Yes, it's a paradox.

But there's nothing to hold onto, you say?

I can't see anything.

I can't touch anything.

I can't smell anything.

I can't hear anything.

There is NO solid ground here, you declare!?

Keep listening. Keep feeling. Keep looking.


To the heart of yourself.

SILENT and LISTEN contain the same letters.

When I sit and listen,

An infinite inner realm slowly and subtly emerges.

If I let go into this invisible place inside

I feel this fear that if I let go,

If I fall into the bottomless abyss.

I'll be lost forever. I'll die.

Yet when we surrender into the center of ourself

Our own black hole, our own inner void

Beyond the wall of our greatest terror

I realize something.

In a bottomless abyss,

There is no bottom.

Nowhere to go splat.

We can fall like Alice down the rabbit hole

Let go

Into our greatest bliss.

What before felt impenetrable, when viewed from the other side

Is simply a gossamer thin veil, thinner than a shroud woven of spider webs.

Once we are found, we land on solid ground.

And this is our solid foundation.

Where we can rest our weary bodies and souls.

And remember we are infinite.

We are perfectly safe and perfectly held

within the embrace of the Beloved Within.

An infinite playground.

Pain and death still come

But joy and peace are present too.

Forever and always

We are One with solid ground.

We are safety itself.

This is peace. May peace begin with me.

And may peace light up the whole world once more

As it once was

Before we forgot that the Divine is inside us.

Not just in temples of stone

which are really temples of sound

to sing our songs with the divine.

A chorus of angels we are

when we are no longer thirsty

our throats no longer parched of love

When we let ourselves free to sing with all the Heavens

Paradise is here.

We become entheogemic. We are God. We are Gem.

And so is EVERY ONE!

-Allison Avalon

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